Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ties worsen, tempers flare

BOTCHED TRANSITION: Pakistan continues to remain at the centre of international terrorism
and security issues. The fragile civilian government has inherited the Musharraf legacy of a
powerful ISI and the army, ever growing mullah-ISI nexus, and a weak economy with dwindling
foreign exchange reserves

BALM OF DEMOCRACY: After the assassination of former PM Benazir Bhutto in 2007, Pakistan took a swift slide towards chaos and was on the brink of collapse. But the resignation of president Musharraf, reinstatement of the judiciary, and fresh elections, provided the much needed oxygen for the hitherto suffocating Pakistan

THREAT WITHIN AND OUTSIDE: Pakistan, with its history of week governments, multiple coups, and militancy, has always been a red spot on the international community’s foreign policy radar. First with the Afghan mujahideens against Soviets and now against them with the
Americans, along with home grown terrorists, Pakistan holds a strategic importance. Its own
creation of the ‘terror monster’ has now come to haunt Pakistan, both internally and externally

INTERNATIONAL PRESSURE: The US wants Pakistan to deliver on its promise to act against
terrorists along the Pak-Afghan border, and after the Mumbai terror attack, to also curb militants within its soil. Obama has talked about fighting the war on terror inside Pakistan, which could further roil the security scenario in the region.

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