Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mumbaikars want CEO for governance

Mumbai is down, but not out. As the city recovers from its worst ever terror attack, Mumbaikars grapple to come to terms with what has struck them yet again. The nation along with the terror-struck city is looking for answers. The questions are, why did it happen again? Why Mumbai again? Will this vibrant city ever be safe again? And, who is responsible?
The people are angry and are concerned about the ever increasing insecurity. News papers are filled with the criticism of the government institutions who once again has failed to prevent terror strike on country's financial hub. Remember, Mumbai is not just the money making machine for the country. It is the 'city of dreams'.
Dhaval Dalal, a software engineer feels frustrating about the failure of the entire government machinery that once again missed to protect the city. He says, "Despite repeated assurances from the government of catching and bringing the culprits before the law the central and state governments have failed miserably." He feels like not using his voting right in the next general election. "People from government should come forward and take the responsibility for what has happened," he adds.
While victims are battling in the hospital, the heads from the state and central government have already started rolling. Home Minister Shivraj Patil was the first political casualty. Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil has resigned; Chief Minister Vilas Rao Deshmukh has offered to resign. But the moot point is resignation the solution? Is that the last thing that politicians can offer? Ranjit Yekale, Political Science Student says, "Resignation is not the solution, but need stricter laws and effective implementation of them. In order to have productive results and provide security and government agencies the effective tool to prevent attacks in advance." "It is time to change the leadership both at the centre and state level and remove Congress," adds Ranjit.
Sachin Pandey, lawyer, Mumbai High Court says, "we need a strong leadership vote for a right candidate who can serve your constituency with concrete results. And politicians who do not deliver should be brought before the court of law." In short people need a CEO who is accountable to his shareholders.
‘Enough is enough’ is the headline that on one of the news channels is carrying and in reality it depicts country’s anger. But fighting terror would require collective efforts. Do not get angry. Use it tactfully as it can deliver great results. Do not play blame game. And do not get carried away with the jugglery of emotional words that our political parties will start soon.

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